All is well :) May all be blessed. 

You Can Win a Dressing Your Truth Free Course which now includes the video courses for all four types!

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Here's your chance to win a Dressing Your Truth free course! 

An exciting announcement was made last week and I'm just now getting the chance to tell you about it and share with you a special offer just for my readers.  (Hint: One person from my  group will be chosen to win the course - so the odds of winning are VERY good!)

I don't know what I was waiting for in not posting this earlier because I have been a long-time advocate, supporter, and Type 4 member of the Dressing Your Truth family for over 7 years.  I was one of the first to take the Energy Profiling course back in the late 2000's - before it was free and before Carol Tuttle even created the Dressing Your Truth program. 

But here is the BIG news...

Last week Carol Tuttle made a special announcement saying that when you buy the Dressing Your Truth program, you NOW get the courses and style guides for ALL 4 Types of beauty.

There is a very important and fundamental reason why she is doing this and it's because she is on a mission to help women and girls feel confident about their true selves.  She wants every woman who purchases Dressing Your Truth to be able to support their daughters and close family members more easily with this life-changing program.

If you missed it, during her special broadcast announcement, several mothers came forward to tell their inspirational stories of how Dressing Your Truth changed their lives and improved their mother-daughter relationship.

Stories about gaining self-confidence, increasing self-esteem, learning better parenting skills.

Watch it here.

As a part of the big announcement, Carol had graciously offered to giveaway several Dressing Your Truth free courses and I was chosen to give one full course with ALL 4 types and ALL 4 style guides to one of my readers/visitors. The contest has now ended and I'm happy to congratulate my winner!!

Sage H. from Provo, UT!! 

She profiled herself as a Type 4 when she took the Energy Profiling test months ago and she's been wanting to try the course for the longest time and now is her chance. 

So happy for you Sage, congratulations!

I am the light, the light I am.