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Jun 23, 2017

Generative Choices Questions Special Offer

By asking yourself these generative choices questions you'll have support gaining greater clarity when making choices and taking new action.

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Jun 13, 2017

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT

Emotional freedom techniques are a self-healing energy therapy for releasing your limiting beliefs. Simple, safe and painless and often with instant results.

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May 26, 2017

This technique has given 86% of Veterans a decrease in PTSD symptoms

Coming up this week in the U.S. is the holiday of Memorial Day, a special day of remembrance honoring those men and women who have died while serving and defending our nation over the many decades. If you are remembering someone special on this day, I wish you peace and comfort. I don't personally have a family connection to any veterans, but I do have enormous compassion for the families of those who were lost and especially for those veterans still with us who continue to suffer from the trauma of war.

We all know that everything is energy and each of our life experiences contributes to forming specific neural energy patterns within our brains that often can keep us stuck in a pattern of darkness and emotional trauma. Today I want to highlight a proven technique that is currently helping veterans to get peace and relief when nothing else has worked.

I've been fortunate enough to have entered the EFT Tapping world over 7 years ago working along side some of the best known EFT masters in the field. One of my former employers and leading experts in using EFT for PTSD, Dawson Church, wrote an article for the Omega Institute that I want to share with you below.

Tap Your Way to Healing PTSD With EFT by Dawson Church

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) represent a genuine breakthrough in healing. Just a decade ago, most research showed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be an incurable condition. A long-term study of veterans with PTSD found that even after a vigorous intervention, “the treatment program’s impact on the course of illness had been negligible” . Veterans who go into Veterans Administration hospitals for treatment often report lack of success, and some are even retraumatized by having to talk about and re-live their combat experiences.

Research shows that PTSD isn’t just a psychological problem with a start, middle, and end, like many kinds of depression. Depression usually lasts around eight months. But PTSD symptoms often worsen over time and are associated with adverse changes in the structure and function of the brain. One study found that of every 10 veterans that start a prescribed one-year course of mental health treatment at a VA hospital, only one completes it.

The children and spouses of veterans with PTSD bear a terrible burden. Studies find that domestic violence is more likely in the homes of veterans. The spouses of veterans have a higher-than-average likelihood of developing PTSD themselves, a phenomenon called “transferred PTSD” . There are more veterans in prison than other demographic groups. In all these ways, the effects of PTSD radiate out to affect the whole community.

Against this bleak backdrop of prolonged and hopeless human suffering, EFT stands as a beacon. With an investment of just six sessions, and without drugs or harsh treatments, 86% of veterans in one study experienced a dramatic reduction of their PTSD symptoms. Follow-up assessment shows that the improvements are permanent.

Click here for EFT for Veterans free resources

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May 23, 2017

EFT for War Veterans with PTSD

EFT for war veterans & first responders with PTSD is helping to give relief from service related trauma using EFT an acupressure-based self help tool that is available at no cost.

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Mar 13, 2017

Which Therapeutic Gemstone is Best for My Energy Type?

This article, written by Carol Tuttle, is being re-posted from

Everything you put on your body has an energetic vibration.

When you wear items with the correct vibration for your Energy Type, you allow your truth to come forward easily. Instead of being at odds with yourself, everything works together to support your true energy.


"Can therapeutic gemstones help me live my truth?"

Therapeutic gemstones may seem "woo-woo" or far-out to some, but I like to categorize them in the realm of God's tools. God created many tools from nature, whether they're herbs, oils, food, or therapeutic gemstones. All of these are a part of nature's pharmacy, and nature knows how to create restoration and healing.

Therapeutic gemstones work with your personal energy system without your thinking mind getting in the way.

When you wear these therapeutic gemstones in a necklace form, the energy from the stones radiate both internally and externally on your body.

Therapeutic Gemstones for each Energy Type

Any Energy Type can wear any therapeutic gemstone, but there are specific ones that will bring your energy back to life if you haven't been fully allowing it or living it in its fullness.

All Energy Types:

Quartz - induces life force energy into your system. Imagine an IV tube of God's energy being infused into you. It supports our well-being and brings our true energy back to life.

Type 1:

Ocean Rainbow - Type 1 energy runs all seven color rays more potently than any other Type. When you wear all seven color rays as a Type 1, it will turn on and bring forth your buoyant, fresh energy again. Flourite Rainbow - this helps open your mind if you're at odds with your Energy Type. It will help you become aligned with who you are and your true Type.

Type 2:

Roselle - this helps clean up your emotional body. Type 2 runs more of an emotional energy, so roselle will help you declutter emotionally, get rid of unwanted emotion, and help you come into harmony with your own energy. Type 2 is like a deep, constant, flowing river. If it's snagged or has turbulent energy, this gemstone will help your emotional stream run smooth. Ruby Rose - the ruby in this necklace will take your Type 2 healing up to another level if you're feeling wounded emotionally. If your feelings were crushed, shamed, or you're especially heavy-hearted, this is a good choice for deep emotional healing.

(Click "continue reading" to learn about Type 3 and Type 4 gemstones)

You can also find some of the top vibrational gemstones & energy products available here.

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Mar 09, 2017

Abundance and Prosperity Resources

My personal list of recommended abundance and prosperity resources and mentors. The free tools offered here show you ways to shift your abundance energy vibration on the deepest levels.

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