Meet Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Expert, Author, Creator of Energy Profiling™ and the Dressing Your Truth™ Before and After Journey

Carol Tuttle Energy HealingCarol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle energy healing journey started in 1989 as a severely depressed mother of 5 young children. She first tried conventional medical therapy to find a cure, only to be told the “solution” was powerful prescription medicine.

Convinced that there was a better way to heal her depression, she began her study of Energy Healing. It helped her so much that in 1994 she began a new career as an Energy Therapist.

Over the past 20 years Carol has helped hundreds of thousands of people heal their chakras, energy blocks, and create more happiness, well-being, health and abundance. She is regarded as a global authority on Energy Healing.

I have been a fan of Carol Tuttle energy healing work for over 10 years when I first read her book Remembering Wholeness.  I was even fortunate enough to have met her and spent time with her at an EFT Mastermind event in NYC and what she told me changed my life that day.  Since then I've watched dozens of her YouTube videos and routinely did many of the EFT exercises that she recorded in her earlier days which helped relieve some heavy stresses in my life.

I later watched as her knowledge of energy healing advanced and she began to develop her Energy Profiling™ system. I was among the first to take the free profiling course and read her book "It's Just My Nature" and really discover how this was one of the most amazing personality tests online and how to use this information to better my relationships with those around me. She even wrote an amazing book to help parents use her Energy Profiling™ system to have greater understanding and better relationships with their kids called, "The Child Whisperer".

What Is Carol Tuttle Energy Healing?

Energy therapy techniques clear the blocked emotional energy and negative thought energy that has become so common for people. It is what we commonly refer to as stress. When we have blocked, scrambled, stuffed, and damaged energy flows and systems, we can not achieve our full potential. Carol works with several energy clearing and balancing systems that quickly and easily assist people in achieving wellness.

Energy healing releases people from the emotional energy of their past, cleans up their mental states and repairs the entire energy system. What that looks like in our day-to-day life is better health, more joy, clearer mental states and a stronger spiritual connection. Energy therapy gives power to our life force and vibrational tone so we are a powerful instrument in attracting what is good and wanted into our lives.

As the planet is awakening to a higher level of consciousness, Carol Tuttle is one of the pioneers in this awakening.

She hosted an absolutely FREE MASTERCLASS through the Mindvalley Training Academy that taught listeners how to connect to their soul and experience its truth plus she introduced a new energy healing technique called Soulprint Healing (currently the replay is not available).

She performed a very rare "Group Soul Reading" which only a handful of healers in this world can actually do.

This was my first time attending this class and my favorite part was the soul contract clearing exercise that Carol took us through, very profound!

In my opinion, mastering and working with energy is no longer optional in today’s world and both Donna Eden and Carol Tuttle energy healing are the perfect teachers to explain why it's so important to the world we live in.

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