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Hi, I'm Sandy M Bidinger and I know when I visit a website I'm always curious about the person behind the scenes so I thought I'd fill you in a bit on me.

I was born in Chicago but have lived in Florida since I was a teenager and that's where I am now.

I went to the University of Florida and earned a BS in Psychology. Then after graduation while my roommate went on to get her Masters Degree and start her own practice, I took a job as a manager in a music store.

What?...You didn't see that one coming did you? Well, neither did my parents, ha, ha!

I had worked there off and on during college and summer breaks and had been bitten by the music bug many years before.  It was one of those things that on paper made no sense at all, but there was no denying that I was following what felt right at the time.

That's the funny thing about following your gut, sometimes you just can't help yourself and you just have to make a choice no matter how others may judge it and then trust your own knowing that things will sort out from there.

And happily, they did.

Within 2 years I had landed my dream job working for PolyGram Group Distribution (PGD), one of the top international music distribution companies.  I was working behind the scenes in the Music Industry and it was SO exciting and the perks were unbelievable!  I was able to enjoy my career in the Music Industry for nearly 18 years with that same company, even post merger with Universal Music Group (UMG).   I was blessed.

However, near the end, I was restless and could feel there was something more I wanted and needed to do in my life but had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to find out what that something was - turns out - that something found ME.

I made choices in my life then that dropped me right into the middle of a soul-searching process that I never saw coming but was obviously necessary for the mind shift that occurred.   I was in confusion and depression about life and was really doubting myself.  I hit a major low before I found my way out.

Then on one single afternoon in 2007 while watching the Oprah show on "The Secret", I came to instantly understand that everything is energy and energy is everything and that information and knowing truly woke me up. By the next day, my whole mindset began to shift. 

I had focus. I had inspiration. I had trust and faith. And now I had a seeker's heart... and the awakening process continued and now it's about LIVING it.

The things I write about here on the site are the exact tools that got me moving forward again. Once you come across the kind of knowledge that helps you answer the most profound questions of your life, it opens up an entirely new path for living and you can never go back.

Some people don't want to or aren't ready to dig that deep, but it was clearly my time.

So since then, I've expanded my life beyond what I thought was possible and I live a life with peace, freedom, and joy.  And through my own self-practice using these tools, I've also conquered many fears and removed mountains of subconscious blocks that have lead me to achieving many unexpected accomplishments:

I invite you to click around and join me on this journey of discovery and awakening.  If you're interested in working with me to schedule an Access Bars session in the Tampa area or if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and would like a free consultation... please get in touch!

To your transformation!

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