VibesUP Earth Grounding Mat

Find out the 20 best uses for the VibesUP Vibrational Earth Grounding Mat and get $10 Off Your Order

VibesUP grounding mat products are in the exact perfectly balanced ratio of push to pull as the planet. This is known as the Phi, Golden Measurement, or the sacred polarity ratio in nature.

They help bring the healthy balancing benefits of the earth back into modern unbalanced synthetic lives. Re-harmonizing and revitalizing our food, drinks and bodies.

We are designed to be grounded so the excess energy can be released from our system. Un-grounded this starts to back up and we become unfocused and out of whack. No wonder there is so much toxic unrest in the human body.

When you put magnets together.. in one direction it pulls and in the other it repels. The earth is a magnetic energy and when we plug into her she gently helps us release excess energies and toxins.  There are scientific reports showing how grounding mats affected levels of pain, inflammation, arthritis, cortisol levels, hormones and many more things.

The VIbesUP Real Earth Vibrational Therapy Mats are made up of over 20 Real Gems, over 40 Essential Oils, Flower Essence, minerals, amplifying liquid crystal, 1000's of Spheres of pressure activated CLEAR QUARTZ and BLACK TOURMALINE (producing over a million rays of piezo energy per second)

Learn more in this brief video explaining how it works.

The VibesUP Earth Grounding Mats work in 6 ways.

1. Sends over 1 million Rays of Healthy Balanced Energy per second to your food, water bodies etc. (piezo) Your body can do amazing things when it has the energy or fuel to work with. Its bio-available energy which means your body knows how to utilize it.

2.  It breathes! It's NOT just about grounding. The Earth Mats are constantly feeding new energy IN and pulling non-beneficial energy out, just like the earth naturally does and how we breath in and out. This will not work on a voltage tester as it is literally CREATING its own ENERGY.

3. Raises Vibrations. A scientific fact, High and Low Vibrations can not coexist. Low vibrations include, disease, non beneficial germs, pain, depression, ants, parasites. Common sense would say it's a very good idea to raise vibrations.

4. Imprints Nature. The infrared rays are passing through the nature ingredients of the mat, Essential Oils, Gemstones, Flower Essences and more. These rays can pick up on all the brilliance of Nature, helping to bring a constant imprint of these nature ingredients to everything it comes in contact with. The exact same way a computer imprints a movie onto a DVD!

5. Balance! Everything was once Natural and Balanced. When its balanced its harmonious and sustainable. it's only when its out of balance that it becomes destructive. The Earth Mats can help imprint the phi ratio or golden measurement ratio of 8 Feminine (-) Electron and 5 Masculine (-) Proton. To everything it comes in contact with reminding it of it's natural and harmonious balance.

6. Reminds our Cells. When something is in its 8- 5 phi balance it creates a special zero point energy. which is intelligent life energy. Example: A pine cone as 8 swirls UP and 5 swirls down. Where ever they cross or come together a seed or life is created. Same with the polarities of our cells. When they are reminded of their correct polarity ratio balance they can start to create energy from within.

The newest Earth Mat's contains all the advancements of: Double Stuff, Puffy Crystal, Zeolite and Super Shrunk formulas all in a single grounding sheet.

 Top 20 ideas for using the VibesUP Vibrational Earth Grounding Mat & Squishy

  1. Instantly clear and reset energy of your crystals and gemstones  
  2. Pets! Under food & water, in pet bed, glue inside collar 
  3. Under bed sheets. Cover your whole bed if you like.
  4. Inside a belt
  5. On water cooler water jug 
  6. Power UP your Vision Board
  7. Across upper back for stiff neck shoulders 
  8. On picture frame of someone you want to strengthen relationship (or raise the vibes of) 
  9. Strip in rim of baseball cap 
  10. In knee pads while gardening 
  11. In plant watering can 
  12. On chair at work 
  13. Under singing bowls to send nature energy with their tones
  14. Food charging station in your kitchen in cupboards and drawers.  
  15. Welcome mat at door to clear and ground folks coming and going
  16. In animal cages 
  17. Under babies sheets and car seats 
  18. Under the elderly who sit or lay in bed a lot 
  19. Study mats sit on for home work time (AWESOME) 
  20. Time out chair for over amp’d stressed little ones (kids) or adults

Our Earth is electromagnetic. It literally breaths IN and OUT. Electro is the out breath, this is our Earth feeding healthy rays of energy to us. Magnetic is the earth’s ‘IN’ breath which pulls the excess toxic energy from our bodies to be cleared by the earth and the process continues. IN and OUT.

Kaitlyn Keyt's grounding mats and more are a condensed miniature or fractal of the EARTH with the same in and out electromagnetic action. 

Visit the site to continue exploring if you're the kind of seeker who wants to know the scoop on exactly HOW it works...OR simply go to the online SHOP to explore the nature wonderland of fun effective products available in dozens of categories for men, women, children, pets and plants from jewelry to diffusers and from clothing to candles.

Available in three (3) sizes:

Small mats: 8.5x11 inches

Medium mats: 11x16 inches

Large mats: 16x24 inches

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**Get $10 OFF first time orders - use code TSG10**

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**Get $10 OFF first time orders - use code TSG10**

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