Mindvalley Masterclasses: the world's most powerful and Effective life transformation platform in the world 

The Mindvalley Academy offers a global community of changemakers that supports you. Discover a proven framework for extraordinary transformation.  The potential for growth is limitless.

Founder Vishen Lakhiani has created Mindvalley Masterclasses for many years and he's brought together the best of the best teachers in the personal growth field.   He knows what people are struggling most with in life and he seeks out solutions that get results and creates courses that anyone can follow and see results.

He's constantly evolving & expanding the offerings, researching the best learning styles because he knows that our individual growth is tied into humanities growth and he cares about future generations.

With where people are in their spiritual evolution now, he's identified the fact that SO many people who have chosen this path recently or even years ago are feeling unable to sustain their gains.  They wonder, "Does this even work?  What am I doing wrong?" 

There are good days with successes where you feel you've finally "figured it out".  You read something in a book or listened to an expert interview online and everything just clicked and you feel like your struggles may actually be behind you. Maybe there really is a way forward AND upwards. All that there’s left to do, is to do the techniques, do the exercises and implement the strategies. 

We have so much hope for a full life transformation and yes, it's creating change, we can feel it.  Then the days, weeks, and months begin to pass…. and the same fire that lit you up from those ‘life-changing’ epiphanies you had, have all but faded. Can you relate?

You might have slipped back into the same routine. The same patterns. The same struggles with little permanent change, yet you worked so hard on your personal growth and it's frustrating.

This is the story of so many people who embark on a personal growth journey according to Vishen and his years of immersion in this field – a story of genuine hope for change but only ever seeing marginal gains.

So what is the missing ingredient to real, tangible and lasting change?

Vishen explains that the answer lies in transformational learning.

It’s an approach to learning that’s less about ‘doing’ and more about shifting the very core of your self-identity so you start experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough in every aspect of your life — and you do it in effortless fashion.

This Masterclass will only be available for a limited time but you can reserve your spot now.

In this 1-hour session, you will:

  • Experience the 3-minute Time Machine exercise billionaires are using to access their intuition and download the instinctive path to success. We recommend you prepare a quiet, distraction-free space to get the full experience from this rapid meditation exercise
  • Harness the energy around you to automatically attract the tools you need, unlock your true potential, and make massive shifts in your life
  • Use the Framework For Flow: Life’s 3 Big Pillars for rapid growth on autopilot, so when your friends see you, they have to get to know you all over again
  • Learn the #1 principle to eliminate obstacles in your life, so you can consistently show up as your best self and make an impact on the world
  • Get the method used by Stanford University to master emotional states easily (where others are paying Stanford as much as 16K to access this, you’ll learn it for FREE)
  • Discover how you can add rocket fuel your own personal development journey for extraordinary growth year after year with the BIGGEST leap in personal growth
  • And so much more…

Using this approach could prove to be a game-changer for anyone who’s stuck in a rut right now and truly seeks to lead an extraordinary life.

Which is why I'm excited to invite you to the latest free online Mindvalley Masterclass from Founder Vishen Lakhiani who shares his wisdom and the core principles he has personally learned and applied from the world's leading experts that will optimize your transformation journey for effortless growth.

Mindvalley Quests vs. Mindvalley Masterclasses

I've been a fan and user of Mindvalley Masterclasses for well over a decade. Back in the early days of this personal transformation movement, they were invaluable to me.  My first course was Love and Above by Christie Marie Sheldon After that I watched the Free Unlimited Abundance Masterclass and invested in her online course, it resulted in a significant change in my finances. 

I was impressed.  Once I got a taste of that, I went to the Mindvalley website and looked for more. 

With well over 20 courses available each with their own free masterclass introduction, I probably watched over half a dozen of them and learned a lot, but in the end, I couldn't see purchasing individual full programs for $300-500 each unfortunately, even if I knew it might have accelerated my growth.

But very recently, Mindvalley has taken a great leap that is changing the entire industry.  You can now get instant unlimited access to All Mindvalley programs for one discounted annual or monthly fee.  All members can learn the tools that have the power to change every aspect of your life.

You can sharpen your mindreshape your body, tap into your soul, become a better entrepreneur, grow your career, or enhance your relationships. The growth is limitless!

Another difference is they developed a new learning platform, called Quests, that combine the power of daily microlearning (less than 20 minutes a day) to transform you in ways traditional education never could.  Data is showing much higher course completion rates up to 80% (typical online courses are closer to 10-20%) which equates to greater transformation rates too!

Mindvalley brings together the world’s best teachers in every category of your transformation - this is high-level training!

Whether it’s creative problem solving, emotional intelligence, human literacy or career readiness - they seek out the top trainers in the world and bring them to the Mindvalley community so you always learn from the very best in the field.

If this offer were available years ago, I could have saved a lot of time and truly fast-tracked my growth, but here's your chance. 

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