EFT for War Veterans with PTSD

War veterans & first responders who deal with service related trauma can get relief using an acupressure-based
self-help tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping.

There are two incredible websites supporting the use of EFT for war veterans with PTSD called and also www.BattleTap.orgBattle tap is an easy-to-learn self-help tool that is designed for armed public service professionals who are experiencing emotional or psychological distress. It’s based on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), an emerging intervention that uses acupressure-point tapping, re-exposure, and cognitive scripts to rapidly resolve undesired emotions and memories.

So many of our combat vets are coming back having experienced massive emotional & physical trauma that will affect their lives, their families and our society forever.

Back in the 70's, our society did little to rehabilitate our returning Vietnam vets and the result of that neglect has had lasting effects throughout our history.  We don't have to make that same mistake again with our current vets - in fact, it's not too late for anyone who has ever suffered from PTSD to get relief.

There is real, proven, documented, undeniable proof that EFT is a tool that can free our war veterans from their emotional traumas and they can return to their lives and live with peace and leave their pain behind.  Watching the videos, you'll hear comments like:

"I can't remember the last time I even thought about suicide."

"The nightmares, the flashbacks and the anger have quelled."

"I could never had imagined him ever coming back to us the way we knew him."

"I didn't believe there was anything that could help my husband because nothing else had."

"I've seen a big difference in the way he handles life now."

"The bigger issues have gotten smaller."

"It takes the warrior courage to help yourself so that now you can live your life with peace & harmony."

"You can feel like a real person again and not be afraid."

EFT for Veterans CBS News Report

Watch one man's success story after years of suffering

EFT for War Veterans Video Highlights

This video that I'm posting is an excerpt from a film that Gary Craig has recently released. When I first saw it, it was gut-wrenching to hear how deeply so many are suffering. But after you see the tremendous relief that these vets are experiencing in a matter of a few days - it was completely uplifting. 

Using EFT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) shouldn't be this underground secret. It should be available and known to everyone who needs it, most especially our vets and their families who are suffering.

If this issue is something that you or someone you love is dealing with and needs help with, I want you to know about this incredible resource.

War veterans can go to the website and enroll in six FREE and confidential EFT sessions through their Vets with PTSD Stress Program. Or go to to view a tutorial and work on your challenges right from the comfort of your home as you are guided through 10 minute tapping sessions.

Qualified PTSD therapists and coaches are dedicated to helping all vets get their lives back and it's so exciting to think about the impact that EFT for war veterans will have.

Other EFT for PTSD sites to check out are:

Here's a link to a Huffington Post article on using Tapping for Vets with PTSD


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