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Jan 29, 2018

Tapping Helped to Get My Life Back on Track

When I first started this website over 10 years ago, one of THE most motivating reasons was because I had just found out about the Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping) and I had undeniable and immediate results with getting relief from the anxiety & grief I was feeling about leaving a long-term relationship and moving to a new city without a job.

Tapping was having a dramatic effect on my ability to release my emotions and limiting beliefs and it gave me the space to move forward with more clarity. I mean, I totally had to tap my way into having the courage to actually even start the website and put myself out there, but once I got clear, things moved REALLY quickly!

One of my dreams was to be a part of helping Tapping become more well-known to the mainstream world, and it's been happening little by little since then.

But earlier this month, Tapping was featured on the Megyn Kelly segment of the Today Show here in the States and that was a HUGE boost in national exposure. More and more people are ready to have the conversation about energy healing and how effective it can be on pain relief, stress relief, phobias, PTSD and so much more.

My friend Nick Ortner was invited to go to the studio in New York City and accompany Adrienne Cerulo, a reader of his book, who used Tapping to alleviate her four-year chronic pain after just TWO Tapping sessions!

There are clips of the Today Show interview all over social media, so if you didn't happen to catch it, you can watch it here.

Nick and The Tapping Solution group are also still riding high because they posted a viral Facebook video from a few weeks back which has now been viewed over 31 MILLION TIMES!!

The video is about some of the work they've done in schools with Tapping through The Tapping Solution Foundation. You can watch that short 2-minute video here. The opportunity for young students to be taught this simple tool in schools to relieve test anxiety, effects of bullying, and the emotional stress of their home-life. It's a game-changer and as you can see from the video, the demand for it now is massive.

Since it's gone viral, they've had multiple requests from teachers, parents, and school administrators asking how to implement Tapping programs in the classroom.

All of this positive exposure couldn't have happened at a better time, because in just one more week, Nick will be launching the 10th Annual Tapping World Summit and if you don't already know about it, stay tuned because I will be inviting you to sign up for the entire series for free next week. In the meantime, you can watch these inspiring videos and check out this introduction to EFT page on the site.

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Jan 13, 2018

Abundance and Prosperity Resources

Highly recommended abundance & prosperity resources.The free tools offered here show you ways to shift your abundance energy vibration on the deepest levels

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Jan 04, 2018

Success Secrets For Conscious Living - Daily Practices

The essential success secrets for conscious living are to keep learning, practice repetition, stay immersed, and work with energy to clear your blocks - here's where you can start!

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Dec 28, 2017

EFT Tapping Resources and Products

A collection of my favorite EFT Tapping resources including my Essential Tapping Tips Free Report.

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Dec 20, 2017

How Do Subliminal Messages Work?

How do subliminal messages work? Read about it here and download 2 free mp3s now and try it for yourself!

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Nov 09, 2017

The Power of Questions

The power of questions is a simple dynamic catalyst for creating change. Asking the right questions will re-ignite curiosity & allow you to explore new possibilities.

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