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Nov 21, 2018

How Saved Our Family Gift Exchange

Three years ago when our family came to terms with the fact that our little kids were growing up and that our adult Christmas gatherings just didn't have the same anticipation and joy of the season any more - we were determined to come up with something else OR we were going to stop doing it altogether and none of us wanted that at all.

Several of us really missed the days when we were buying for each person in our family separately because that's part of the joy of giving.

We were picking up my brother & his wife on the way home from the airport one Thanksgiving a few years ago & I floated a crazy new idea to them.

"Hey, what if instead of drawing names out of a hat, we chose categories of items instead?

That way we could go back to giving gifts one-to-one so all of us could enjoy giving something to everyone again. We could set an individual dollar limit, we wouldn't have to make lists anymore - AND there would be no duplicates! Also, when new people come into the family, it's easy to add them into the mix."

It was just the spark we needed!!

They were really into the idea and that's where our new family Christmas gift exchange idea started.

We then all started discussing things like, "How would that work? What would be the categories?"...

Well, that night I did some research at and I began to formulate a system of how each gift idea would fit into categories.

When Thanksgiving came around we drew categories in our new gift giving exchange. I pulled the category glassware/barware out of the hat. I really liked this one! Literally the gift ideas instantly jumped into my head, so I accepted, "Yep, I'm keeping this one."

That following Monday I went online and was able to shop around the Cyber Monday deals in my pajamas. I went straight to and typed in barware and all my options were right in front of me at prices that were within my budget and only a few clicks later I had three-quarters of my shopping DONE!

Seriously, it took me 48 hours to complete my shopping. I happily found a martini glass set for my brother-in-law, fancy champagne flutes for my brother, some stemless wine glasses for my dad, a tic-tac-toe shot glass game board for my nephew & for the girls, I added 3 sets of the same cute liqueur glasses right into my cart and had it shipped to me for free!

I was more than excited!! I couldn't believe how easy it was!

Click the link below to read how it all worked out on Christmas Day and how you can set this up in YOUR family!

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Nov 16, 2018

Expressing Gratitude Improves Your Life

Scientific proof for how expressing gratitude improves your life. "How Gratitude Rewires Your Brain" - an article by Jim Kwik

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Nov 07, 2018

Great Family Christmas Gift Exchange Idea

A fresh and fun solution to bring back the holiday joy to your family Christmas gift exchange. Perfect for medium to large families, community groups as well as office gift exchanges.

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Nov 03, 2018

My Christmas Gift Exchange Story

An amusing Christmas gift exchange story that lead us to a new gift exchange idea that put more joy into my family's holiday gift giving.

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Oct 09, 2018

Asking Power Questions

Learn how and why asking power questions can transform you from feeling stuck to setting you free.

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Sep 18, 2018

Celebrity Personality Type Test

See how Energy Profiling is used as a celebrity personality type test by examining specific facial features and movement to determine key aspects of their unique personality.

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