Meet Christie Marie Sheldon, Intuitive Energy Healer, Author and World-Renowned Abundance Coach

She is a master facilitator for releasing blocks to financial abundance and helping you raise your energetic frequency

Making a difference in people's lives has become Christie Marie Sheldon's life choice.  She believes if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet.

She believes you have a choice about which energetic frequencies you want to live in and wants to empower people to live in a state of abundant flow.

The concept that people can choose to be in the low, heavy vibrations of fear, anger, or shame, or they can choose HIGH, uplifting vibrations of Love and everything else above Love, such as Joy, Gratitude, Peace and Enlightenment. Her personal mission is to get everyone on the planet vibrating at an energetic frequency of Love or Above.

Using a combination of energy (vibration work), resonance and techniques that impact the mental levels of humans and consciousness, her clearings reprogram your energy, thoughts, emotional choices, mental choices, awareness and consciousness to remove the hindering patterns and programs and replace them with more effective choices that will support you in getting the results you desire.

Christie's clearing work interrupts those repetitive patterns and guides you in replacing them with higher vibration, higher consciousness, more aware and purposeful choices and habits that support you in more effective habits to create the more desirable results you are seeking.

That's why, raising your consciousness by raising the vibration of your energetic frequencies will fix the incongruent spaces where your desires are not met.

Her deepest desire is for people to get the help they need to live the ideal, abundant and stress-free life they desire and that's why Christie Marie Sheldon offers her free Love or Above Masterclass.   But if you want access to all the tools to raise your vibration right now, then click here.

Christie Marie Sheldon Energy Clearing Sessions

Christie Marie Sheldon is a world-famous energy healer and even if you've been on the self-development path for several years now, I bet you haven't experienced anything like this yet.

With over 15 years of experience, Christie has hosted countless live seminars and conducted over 30,000 private consultations for her clients.

Now Christie is offering a Free 90-minute energy clearing session & masterclass where she is going to work on eliminating some of your abundance blocks right on the spot.

After working with more than 30,000 people one-on-one, including well-known politicians and business leaders, Christie has identified 24 specific abundance blocks and hidden barriers - any one of which can easily throw your life off-course.

As we know, financial strategies and taking massive action are all important. But without having your vibration aligned to your financial targets, you likely face hurdles after hurdles for every step you take.

However, once you remove your abundance blocks, your vibration will automatically align with your priorities and targets and suddenly, you'll find yourself making rapid progress toward having unlimited abundance.

I recommend that if you have the time and energy to invest in this special event, it will be worth every second and won't cost you a penny.

Now it's your turn to experience the Masterclass that has transformed over 200,000 lives since 2012!

I've personally done dozens of group sessions with Christie Marie Sheldon and each one begins with her connecting the group to the light. This is a very important part of the process and you can begin to practice learning to do this with her Heart Center Opening Meditation from her Love or Above Tool Kit.

During the clearings you may feel sleepy, happy, tired, energized, anxious or any other number of various emotions or states of being... or you may feel or sense nothing at all. They are all normal, we all have our individual process.  You may laugh, cry, yawn, cough, or even belch... it's just the way each of our bodies processes the flow of energy. 

It's best to just breath into and know that if you feel or sense any kind of change, notice any sensations (pain, heat, cold, tingles), it's a sign that something IS happening - things are clearing and releasing.  Whether or not we can put words to it doesn't matter, it's clearing from a much deeper level than our minds/thoughts.

Christie works from a high vibration frequency, from the levels of infinite being, where time & space (constructs of the ego mind) are irrelevant. She chooses words and vibration frequencies that will cause a resonance within listeners to release the low vibrations that are in the way of them not vibrating at the high frequencies.

Find out why people are saying, "How can something so simple be so powerful... and yet so unknown?"

If you know right now that you want to invest in the Unlimited Abundance Program like I did, click here.


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