Meet Jimmy Mack Healer, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach and Creator of My Liquid Fish® Change made Simple®

He's been quietly impacting thousands of people all over the world in private sessions AND in teaching people how to use a simple technique that he developed which creates profound change remarkably fast & you can get it FREE below!

Jimmy Mack healer is hands down one of the most gifted healers I have ever met and one that you've probably never heard of, am I right?   

Well... Jimmy has a very fascinating story of how he came upon his abilities which includes a near death experience (NDE) which changed his life forever. He is now gifted with the increased ability to read people’s energy fields and access realms and frequencies that help create profound change for others. He melded these experiences and what he considers “the best of the best” into what he now practices with clients around the world.

Jimmy Mack has recently developed a technological method for creating profound change called My Liquid Fish® which he teaches to clients who use it to experience energetic shifts remarkably fast. He doesn't believe in asking questions, he likes to test with statements using kinesiology (muscle test or pendulum test) so that the true inner energetic belief comes forth and can then can be changed by using the fish technique.  It helps strengthen the positive and delete out the negative or weakness.

Now it's time for him to release this technique to the world so the power of this profound change can squarely be put in your own hands.

If you're a change-seeker, energy/light worker or spiritual healer, using the My Liquid Fish technique can create profound energetic changes by reversing and clearing belief patterns and you can watch how it changes your results from positive to negative or vice versa like a magic wand on command right before your eyes!

Jimmy Mack Spiritual Healer Video Interview

More About Jimmy Mack Healing

Jimmy Mack has decades of working with a wide range of issues on clients worldwide. He has practiced a variety of modalities over decades including: Reiki Master, Psychic Development courses, Remote Viewing, Ascension with the monks, ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness, Reconnective Healing 1, 2, and 3, and various courses in The Yuen Method. He is a Certified Practitioner in Matrix Energetics and a Certified Shaman with a Doctorate in Divinity.

Jimmy continues to work on himself and others from around the world via phone and Skype on issues ranging from depression to infertility, and abundance to cancer.

In fact, he has had the pleasure of working with both Rev. Michael Beckwith (from The Secret) and Dr. Anita from the Agape Spiritual Center and he was asked to perform a very special group energy clearing for more success for several thousand of their members.

One of the greatest benefits to Jimmy's work is that he can work with individuals or large groups just as effectively.

A recording was made that day and it's become a kind of foundational piece that Jimmy encourages his clients to listen to each day to cleanse their energetic frequency.  He often compares it to the need for us to shower and brush our teeth each day - it's just makes sense for energetic hygiene and self-care.

Happily, Jimmy has generously allowed me to make this clearing available to you too you can get access to this 10 minute daily clearing download, it's included when you sign up for the Free My Liquid Fish® Starter Kit.

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Jimmy and I live in the same hometown and we get together often. The changes that working with him have brought into my life are countless. Here's to you Jimmy... I can't thank you enough!


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