Success Secrets For The
Spiritually Conscious

Ways to be, think, act, and speak to live a happier life

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These personal development success secrets will show you how to be, think, and speak and live a happier life by following the Universal Laws and Spiritual laws that will lead you to a greater awareness of your true Self.

These powerful success secrets are based on the teachings of the many mentors I have been studying.  Some of these tips may not make a whole lot of sense to you on their own unless you've first grasped the concept that everything is energy and the basics of Law of Attraction and living your life consciously.

Success Secrets

TAKE TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR EXPERIENCE: Until you can do that, you won't fully realize your creative ability. Maybe you didn't consciously create some situations, it doesn't mean you're a bad person, it's just where you are.  Step up and say, "Ok, maybe I don't understand how I did this, but these laws are in place in the world and they are working through me so, what can I do to change things now?"

EVERYTHING IS JUST A CHOICE:  In moments when you find yourself making excuses saying things like, "I would...but I don't have the time or money." When you find that you are making them, you have resistance and you have a choice whether or not to remain stuck.  If in that moment you really do want to be a "victim", that's fine, just know that IT IS YOUR CHOICE.  When you're ready for a different result, then you can choose again. No right or wrong. You can choose differently moment to moment, always.

DON'T BE IMPATIENT: So many people fail because they become impatient with the process. This isn't a race. Don't get discouraged and think, “Why don't have this yet?", "This isn't working.” However long it takes is okay. If something isn't showing up, then you now know it's because you aren't creating the kind of energy that will attract what you are saying you want. IS happening. The Laws of the Universe don't decide or judge.What they give you is based on what you are giving them. Impatience only slows things down. It suggests that you really believe that if it doesn't come now, it'll never come and that's what you'll vibrate and attract more of.

ALWAYS NOTICE HOW YOU FEEL: In good situations and in uncomfortable ones--be self-aware. Notice the things you are saying to judge yourself and how they make you feel.  Don't hide from your feelings, strive to observe them without judgment of right or wrong or good or bad. They are there to guide you to wake up to some truth about yourself or where you at least where you've been functioning from and it's your opportunity to clear what's in the way.

BE IN THE MOMENT: Don't wake up Monday and say or think “I can't stand Monday's, why can't it just be Friday already?” and then just go through the motions just to get through the week. Think of the time your wasting in the moments in between that you could use to create something great in your life.  Find the gratitude in each moment, not in your perception of the future moment that you expect will bring you happiness. Where you are is perfect. See the good right NOW and be grateful.

OBSERVE YOURSELF FROM THE OUTSIDE: Act as if your life is a movie up on a screen and you are in the audience watching it. Ask yourself, "I wonder what is really happening here?", "Could I be choosing a different thought?" It really helps to remove yourself from your ego and your emotional responses. It's a powerful perspective to take and it's very supportive.

NOTICE WHAT OTHERS AROUND ARE SAYING TO YOU: In the movie of your life you are writing the script. Pretend that all other people in your experience are actors and they are reading from the script that your "subconscious you" gave them. Try to interpret what they say to you as something you'd be saying to yourself and notice how it makes you feel. Sort out the reason why they are saying it with a detached approach.

  • Is it to reflect something back that you're thinking or feeling about yourself or a belief that you have?
  • Is it to share supportive knowledge, wisdom, or insight with you?
  • Is it to set something in motion that will support you on your journey?

Pretend that what they say has to do with YOU and not them because you're writing the movie. It's an interesting exercise and if you observe yourself from the outside, often you'll see the gift in others' words.

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KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES: It's true when they say that "everything happens for a reason." Pay attention, stay in the flow, and follow your intuition. You don't know where it will lead you but trust that the Universe is conspiring for your best good. Remain open and resist judging something as "good" or "bad" and trying to make complete sense of why it's happening that way. 

DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE'S REACTION TO SOMETHING: You can't control other people. You control how their reactions affect YOU and you are responsible for the outcome of every situation. If you don't like it, ask the Universe, "what would it take for this to change?". When you change, they'll change. What you resist, persists.

NOTICE THE SMALL CHANGES AND BE GRATEFUL: Often times people become discouraged because they go for the big changes first; a new car, a pile of money, to lose 20 pounds. They want to prove to themselves that this works and they want results now. They allow themselves to become disappointed when they don't see those things happening in the time they needed or wanted them to. That thinking only lowers your vibration. Always find something to be grateful for, no matter how small. 

THERE ARE NO CONDITIONS: Try not to put conditions on your desires like, "It can't happen until or unless this other thing happens first or also" that is just your thinking mind getting in your way.  In the Universe there are no conditions and anything can occur at any time if the circumstances are right according to the laws and vibrations.

DON'T BE A VICTIM OF LIMITING BELIEFS: DON'T BE A VICTIM OF LIMITING BELIEFS: Often, people believe in past statistics and experiences they bring that belief into their reality. It's a part of our nature and our programming to accept these negative thoughts. But with the new awareness that YOU choose your own thoughts and beliefs in any given situation. Your limiting beliefs are the only things that are holding you back from what you want.

KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T WANT: To figure out the things that you really want in life, think of the opposite of that, and that's what you DO want.

KNOW WHY YOU WANT IT: Figure out why you want it and that will bring it closer to you because you'll feel it with emotion. How will having this thing make your life better? How will it make you feel? Your motive has to come from inside of you not from someone else. Ask yourself, is it really what YOU want? You may think you want it because you have learned that it's what you're supposed to want or what someone else thinks is good for you, or appropriate. What's your WHY?

DON'T GIVE OTHERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE YOUR HAPPINESS: No one knows what makes you happy but you. Even those closest to you don't have that ability...parents, spouse or friends. Don't give your power away.

HAVE INTENTIONS TO CHANGE: Beware that once things begin to change, you may feel your comfort zone being invaded. If you freak out and back off changing your mind because you didn't want it to happen "that way" then you'll stay stuck. You need to clear your resistance. You MUST trust whatever happens is for a good reason and is leading you toward what you are saying/vibrating that you want. Often times you have to go through several other unpredictable steps to get to the thing you want. Stay focused on your intentions and have faith.

YOU MUST EXPECT THAT THINGS WILL WORK OUT: You have to expect different results to be successful. Then detach from how they will come forth and accept every outcome as the perfect outcome. Be open to having the result come in ANY way.

ATTRACT YOUR DESIRE NOW: It's best if you generate the feeling of having your desire NOW or else it will always be 'out there' and coming to you and in the future.

DON'T PUT A SPECIFIC DATE ON YOUR TARGETS: You could develop anxiety and conflicting vibrations if it's not coming as soon as you wanted or you could develop doubt. Instead, just be open to letting it come at “the perfect time for me”. If you want to remain in the most positive vibration, you must practice detachment.

DON'T ASK FOR MONEY: If you think about it, you don't really want the actual paper money, you want what the money can buy or give you the feeling of.

  • Relief from debt
  • The chance to travel
  • Ending feelings of stress, struggle, and lack
  • The ability to build an addition on your home
  • To be able to invest in a business that would create more success and financial freedom in your life

When you understand that money just represents the internal value of something, then you can gain power over it.

GO WITH YOUR GUT: Feel your instinct, trust yourself.

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