Personal Development Resources

Here you will find a collection of personal development resources and mentors that I personally follow myself and highly recommend. Over the years, I have evolved into a higher spiritual awareness far beyond just learning about the Law of Attraction.  Now that millions of us seekers understand that we are more than just our human experience and that we live in a world without separation and that Everything is Energy, it's now time for us to live and thrive and create that new quantum reality. 

The paradigm is changing and people are awakening and realizing that we have capabilities and tools available for us to shift our limited realities and these are some of the ones that can offer you the greatest support and can leap you forward beyond where you ever thought you could go. This is where science and spirituality meet.

Energy & Sound Healing Resources

Jimmy Mack:  Jimmy is a personal friend of mine that lives locally here in FL.  He is a very unique and truly gifted healer who gets results right on the spot with the My Liquid Fish™ Change made Simple™ technique that he teaches.  It can be used to transform body, mind, spirit, people, places, pets, and situations.  Check out his free videos on YouTube - it's really amazing to experience plus you can learn this powerful healing technique for free.  Get Jimmy's Free Training here.

Carol Tuttle: Carol has helped hundreds of thousands of people heal their chakras, energy blocks, and create more happiness, well-being, health and abundance. As the planet is awakening to a higher level of consciousness, Carol Tuttle is one of the pioneers in this awakening. She is regarded as a global authority on Energy Healing and is the creator of the FREE Energy Profiling™ system.

Donna Eden: Learn the language your body already speaks and understands, the language of energy, and experience life-changing results from one of the top experts in the field! Learn dozens of simple exercises that you can quickly do each day to work with your body and bring it into harmony. Visit my page about Donna Eden here.

Rudy Hunter: This resource is for the non-skeptics who are ready to dive in immediately and who don't require being "convinced" about energy healing.  I've been playing with energy releasing and clearing tools for many years and experienced real, lasting changes that I can actually feel.  Rudy has endless free clearing audio tools and videos and a monthly free healing call and is a delightfully fun, funny, and talented man AND...great stuff for pets too - click here for more HuntersHealingCalls

Jill Mattson: Jill Mattson’s lifelong quest has been to understand the reality and purpose of our existence and to get back to the forces and wisdom that created it all. The key “Jewel” Mattson discovered in her pursuits was the Secret of Sound Energy – and that this force was mastered many eons ago by numerous Ancient Civilizations. With diligent study and intuitive powers Mattson has recovered many Ancient Traditions of Sound Energy and has learned how to apply them today. Furthermore, for many years Mattson has worked with Modern Masters like Sharry Edwards, Ibrahim Kareem, David Hulse… to combine the best of modern science with the lost information from thousands of years ago… the result is the best of both worlds. Visit her site, download a free mp3. 

EFT Tapping Resources: Here you will find the most impactful Emotional Freedom Technique tapping resources that I recommend. 

Consciousness Awakening Resources

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Vishen Lakhiani:  Mindvalley has created some of the most renowned and effective programs at a truly worldclass standard. They are taught by some of the most prominent teachers and experts on the planet.  These alone are all you need to create the ultimate personal transformation package and they now offer a special annual Mindvalley membership which gives you instant unlimited access to their ENTIRE vault of online Quests and Online Courses.

Watch Vishen's Free Masterclass

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Dr. Dain Heer and Access Consciousness© have been very instrumental in bringing thousands of people in over 150 countries worldwide a deeper consciousness with their life-changing work.  Is now the time for YOU to start living in the question?

Access Bars™One single Bars session can release years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific bar being touched. It's an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change!

MattKahn 2024

Matt Kahn is an incomparable spiritual teacher, highly attuned empathic healer, powerful motivational speaker, and captivating author. His mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing heart-centered solutions that ignite, delight, and unite!  Matt has become a YouTube sensation with his healing and often humorous videos. Known as “The I Love You Guy,” with more than 22+ million YouTube channel views, fans are finding comfort, inspiration, and relief from the challenges of daily life through his intuitive updates and heart-centered messages. Matt is the epitome of compassion, encouragement, and wisdom. 

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Rikka Zimmerman: Rikka Zimmerman is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker. Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka has worked with people across the globe teaching effective transformational process to awaken the vibration of joy, peace, and possibility. Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divinity they were born to be!

Abundance & Prosperity Resources

abundance and prosperity

Abundance and Prosperity: Here you'll find a compilation of the most impactful abundance and prosperity resources and mentors that I personally recommend and am actively following in my own life. They each offer a unique starting point to put you on a path of discovery and transformation.

Reality Bending, Manifestation, Meditation Resources and more

Life Harmonized | Mashhur Anam:  Everything that makes up our universe is at its core a pattern of energy. Would you like to change your core patterns to create different results for yourself and your every day life?  We Don’t Just Teach Dreamers To Be Manifestors. We Train Reality BendersSince 2011, Life Harmonized has taken people far beyond personal development by instead teaching them how to redesign their realities on multi-dimensional levels. We believe that manifesting your life’s desires has everything to do with how you can bend reality in your favor, and our innovative programs and tools will teach you how.

These are not your run of the mill Law of Attraction, “positive thinking” teachings that fill you up with hope and expectation, but leave you wondering what you missed. This is holographic transformation technology that is quick to integrate, easy to use, and works. All you need is a bit of curiosity and a willingness to explore.

VibesUP Healing Products:   These Award Winning vibrational energy products created by Kaitlyn Keyt amplify nature's renewable UPlifting life energy for your body inside and out. Beautiful natural tools that bring amplified and SPECIFIC clean renewable UPlifting life energy that can help raise vibes, reharmonize and balance our modern lifestyles, while offering solutions to many life challenges.

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Uplevel Your Life with these Free Personal Development Resources. It doesn’t cost anything to claim your gift, and - major cheat code: you can claim more than one gift!

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Zen12Get all the benefits of 1 hour's meditation in just 12 minutes.  Claim your FREE brainwave audio! Zen12 is a 12-minute meditation program, which uses brainwave audio to help you release stress, become happier, and improve your health & well-being.