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Success Secrets For Conscious Living

Developing a routine with many of these daily practices will ensure positive shifts in your life.

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I am happy to be sharing the success secrets that work for me as I learn to practice living a more spiritually conscious life. They will give you practical ways to learn and integrate the universal and spiritual laws into your daily life as you open up more and more into your true Self and learn that you can change your reality.

Immerse Yourself In Information

AUDIO REPETITION: Download mp3s and other materials onto an iPod or other mobile device. THIS IS THE #1 OF ALL MY SUCCESS SECRETS.

  • The brain is a pattern-making machine. Repetition automatically causes your brain to replace old and limiting thoughts with new ones. Studies show that it takes a minimum of 30 days of constant repetition for the brain to re-wire itself, but don't stop there!
  • You can read books and articles...but repeated listening of audio book versions, online teleseminars, and internet radio interviews with mentors who are living it and teaching it will help this sink in much faster.

Recommended Success Practices

LISTEN EVERYWHERE YOU GO--A LITTLE EVERY DAY: Find those moments when you think you're doing something mundane and notice the opportunity to listen and learn.

  • Download to your mobile device or burn a CD and listen in your car during your commute or on long trips.
  • Stream videos and audios while you are working at your computer
  • Listen as you clean house, do the laundry, prepare a meal, walk the dog, workout at the gym.
  • Listen while you're waiting at the doctor's office, at the mechanic's, at the airport, or waiting to pick up your kids.
  • Listen upon waking or before going to sleep or relaxing on vacation when your subconscious mind is in a receptive state.
  • Listen and do mental exercises when you are showering during a time quiet and solitude

Here's a great article from my friend Jenny Mannion about 5 Hidden Windows of Time

SIGN UP FOR E-ZINES: While you're learning about personal development, I recommend subscribing to e-zines that will reinforce it daily. As you surf the net or this website you'll come across sites of interest. Don't hesitate to sign up. It's great to hear from others who are like-minded and they will each hold their own knowledge and messages for you. 

Sign up for mine here and receive my free ebook and self-care mini-guide.

CREATE A SUPPORT SYSTEM: Join an online mastermind group or form one in your area.

  • Hire a coach - local or online
  • Set up an accountability partner
  • Go to & join a like-minded group in your local area
  • Go to social media or join a group on Facebook that matches your interests and join the conversation

SET UP A DEDICATED EMAIL ACCOUNT: If you want to keep your studying separate from your personal email account, then set up a free account with Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. That way when you sign up for information, you can gather it all in once place and only read them when you can focus.

The point of all of this is to IMMERSE YOURSELF in this new knowledge. You'll hear it over and over again said in different ways, but the core message is always the same...everything is energy and you can learn to consciously work with it to create transformation.

Practice These Success Secrets Daily

KEEP A GRATITUDE JOURNAL: One of the most important success secrets...a MUST and a perfect first step to get yourself in the right vibration at ANY time. Write out all things from big to small.

  • "I am thankful for hugs from my kids."
  • "I am thankful for beautiful sunsets."
  • "I am so grateful that my good friend called me."
  •  "I am thankful that I could sleep late today."
  • "I am thankful for this great meal."
  •  "I am grateful for exercising and feeling alive today."
  • "I am grateful for the beauty of nature & how it makes me feel at peace."

Visit my complete page on how & why to practice gratitude.

LEARN TO RELEASE YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS resistance, and programming by clearing your stuck energy: This is THE #1 missing piece... and in my opinion, this  is the answer!

**If you don't address and practice these tools and techniques, you reduce your chances of having lasting success. EFT Tapping, Access Consciousness Clearing Statement™, My Liquid Fish® are several methods available for releasing and shifting energy for you to consider.

ASK MORE QUESTIONS: What if "ask and you shall receive" was actually true? The tool of living in the question is one of the most uplifting and expansive practices you could ever choose to create new possibilities in your life. Access Consciousness is the ultimate tool to guide you into getting out of conclusion and into the question which then allows the Universe to deliver something better.

FEEL THE POWER OF GIVING: Giving is one of the BEST ways to radiate and attract positive energy. When you do, make sure you feel the emotion of how good it feels to give to others. Give generously, cheerfully, and often Read more about the Power of Giving

JOIN A GROUP OF "LIKE-MINDED" PEOPLE: It's great to reinforce what you've learned by spending time and having conversations with "like-minded" people. Not to mention the positivity you'll gain from the group. There's a great site called that has thousands of varieties of groups that meet in person in cities all around the world.

CREATE YOUR OWN MIND MOVIE: Your imagination is a fundamental  manifesting tool and when it's mixed with your emotions and repetition that's a powerful combination. Mind Movies 2.1 is by far the most simple to use and most effective product out there to help you customize and design your dream life. You can view the several that I made here.

P.S. Mind Movies just created a ground-breaking new product using a cutting edge brain-wave technology that does the work for you... Learn more about that here.

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