Energy Profiling™ Is One Of The Most Accurate Personality Tests Online

How watching Carol Tuttle's free course determining your energy profile will empower you to live and love your natural energy type so you can feel more confident and beautiful every day!

I bet we all have taken those personality tests online or in school or for a prospective employer that is supposed to help us, and them, to better understand our natural tendencies and strengths.

It can be valuable and fun information to have but kind of dry and impractical. What do you really take away from those tests that you can apply and use to improve your quality of life and is it really the truest measure of who you are?

A lot of the time I wind up judging those parts of myself as things I wish I could change. I would often look at the qualities of the other types and yearn to be more like them. And be honest... haven't you ever fudged an answer to a question because you didn't want to be known for that undesirable trait? uh huh... me too... so much for accuracy.

Carol Tuttle has developed a way of profiling personalities so unlike what's being offered with any of the other personality tests online that everyone can benefit from, especially women! 

After many years of research, she found that we are all born with an innate, predominant expression of movement that if we aren't honoring it, we can develop a personality that is at odds with our inner nature and core expression. 

You may think it's a course about fashion or beauty (that's the second phase of what you will be able to take away from it), but what's special about this fascinating course is that it offers an in-depth way for you to identify your type which helps build a foundation for you to live a better life more true to who you really are and dress in a way that expresses that with confidence. 

This course is geared toward women, but everyone can relate to this personality profile test - women, men, young and old... all family members. You'll access information on how to best use this self-knowledge to your advantage for improved relationships, better parenting, career success, easier & more fun shopping and you'll even feel more confident in your clothes and show up and feel like the best version of yourself in the world.

Once you watch these enlightening videos, you’ll be familiar with all four Types. But Carol has SO much more support to help you feel confident about your Type—so watch the videos first and keep going!

One of the most in depth personality tests online

I think everyone should have the benefit of feeling acknowledged for who they truly are and also have the insight of learning their inherent gifts and talents and then give themselves permission and freedom to be their natural self. 

The real gift is that you will learn to embrace and appreciate even those personality traits that you have judged to be faults, weaknesses, conflicts or annoyances & learn to respect others for the same.

You rarely see any personality tests online that go into such detail as describing traits such as behavior tendencies, facial features, body language, thoughts, feelings, personality, expressions... even doodling!

What separates Energy Profiling™ from other personality tests online is that it's presented as an easy to follow, deeply visual explanation - and in about 30 minutes you'll be shown the specifics for all 4 Types and get a strong sense of which one feels like you. You won't have to guess, most people just KNOW, the information she delivers, it's that accurate.

There are no probing psychological questions to answer with this assessment, it just shows you YOU, and others LIKE you so you can see in them the same qualities of movement, specific facial features, and hear how they naturally express themselves in words and behaviors and get a uniquely deeper understanding of your true nature and embrace it for it's gifts.

Knowing your Type helps build that foundation and Carol has designed a completely amazing free course that shows you how to Type, dress and style yourself in a way that expresses your beauty and personality with confidence.

Even if you're not 100% sure of your Type after you watch the first time, there is SO much more support available, it's all in there.

Can you see how helpful having the knowledge of your energy profile can be as a spouse, a parent, an employer or employee? I actually have the ability now to study a person's face and body language to get a pretty clear picture of their Type and anticipate their natural behaviors and reactions and can to choose to adjust my own accordingly to have a smoother relationship.

Curious about my Type?... Well, I'm a Type 4...thought I was a Type 2 until Carol herself told me I was a Type 4!  When I met up with Carol in NY a few years back during a cocktail party at our industry conference, she actually helped me personally with identifying my type - just by looking at my facial features!!  You can read about that story here.

This has been quite a revelation in my life and how I view myself, plus I also did the Dressing Your Truth do-it-yourself beauty makeover and now my wardrobe and hair and whole look has changed and I'm actually getting all kinds of compliments and feeling comfortable in my skin.  

Energy Profiling™ is an assessment of movement.... and dressing and all things fashion is an expression of movement on your body - that's how/why this information is related and... so that your inner beauty can be seen in your outer appearance.

If you've already watched the free course, you know that certain colors, hues, tones, patterns and textures will highlight your natural beauty. 

If you get those right, you feel like a knockout every time you get dressed

Over the years, Carol has refined the resources that help you really know how to build your best wardrobe. She’s collected all those resources into one place, so you can choose the perfect clothes every time, and love your new style. If you want to eliminate the guess work, I highly recommend getting her Style Kit here.

And guess what ladies... Dressing Your Truth is available for MEN too!  

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