Meet Carol Look Tapping Expert,
Intuitive Energy Healer


Carol Look Tapping Expert and founding EFT Master is one of my favorite coaches and healers that I've been following for over 10 years now who has made a huge difference in my life.  I got the chance to get to know her personally having spent several days together attending a conference for The Tapping Solution together and she knows her stuff like nobody else!

Carol is passionate about helping people release their sabotage behavior so they can get unstuck, take back their power and live a life of their dreams!

If you are tired of playing small, hiding your gifts, and giving your power away… then I know you will enjoy getting results from what Carol offers through her online products and programs, free articles, newsletters, and tapping videos. 

In addition to being a traditional psychotherapist and abundance coach, Carol Look is an author, speaker, coach and the creator of “The Yes Code” – her unique coaching style will help you clear your fears, find your “yes” and make the decisions that are right for you.  I love results I received from reading Carol's book and listening to her interviews and tapping videos.

Before becoming an EFT Master, she was trained as a Clinical Psychotherapist and earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has been a pioneer in the EFT/ energy medicine field for 18 years, and is known for successfully combining her traditional training with energy medicine and her deep intuitive capacity to help lead clients exactly where they want to go.

Carol specializes in helping people to eliminate self-sabotage behavior like procrastination and perfectionism and help them release their resistance and clear their blocks to success.  She admittedly used to be a master procrastinator who sabotaged her success, and of course was afraid to shine.  We've all been there and we've let it stop us from going after what we want - being afraid of failure, and getting in our own way countless times.  But Carol has learned extremely simple techniques to heal the fears and feelings behind these behaviors that hold us back so we can overcome overwhelm and enjoy exceptional results in our lives.  And she can teach you how to use these tools too!

Carol Look Abundance Coaching for 2024


I'm sharing a new offering from Carol Look Tapping Master that she has created for 2024 and the first activation session is Monday, February 12, 2024.

Metaphysical teachers say that our abundance is always there… waiting for us to access it. We don’t have to chase it, earn it, deserve it, or be worthy of abundance.

It’s always there… if we can remove the blocks.  Yes, there are keys to unlock your abundance.

What are the keys to unlock your abundance?
- Releasing your fears
- Letting go of your doubts
- Breaking through your limits

And when you use these keys to unlock your abundance your life will change dramatically: - Instead of believing in the need to struggle, you will allow abundance into your life with ease:
- Instead of thinking “Is this all there is?” – you’ll feel much more fulfilled every day
- Instead of focusing on uninspiring goals, you’ll be able to live a life with vibrant success
- Instead of feeling stuck and tired, you’ll feel more energy moving through your body and mind
- Instead of doubting your decisions, you’ll feel more confident every time you make a choice

Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.  Is now the time to try something new and do it differently?

Using advanced applications of EFT/Tapping and Carol’s 30 years’ experience combining her training as a psychotherapist, hypnotist, and coach, you will learn how to Unlock Your Abundance.

"After struggling for years in the area of abundance, I learned that there is a hard way to attract a little bit of abundance and an easy way to attract a lot of abundance." - Carol Look

When you sign up now, you will get 3 Activation sessions to get you started on this journey.

Carol Look Free Tapping Resources 

One of the most popular posts Carol Look has written is her Top 10 Tapping Tips. This compiled list of her favorite tapping tips has had a dramatic influence on her work and the results with her clients. Use any that work for you, but I highly recommend trying them all before you dismiss them, especially the ultra simple ones.

Here's a super helpful and easy to listen to audio of Carol explaining the most Frequently Asked Questions About EFT.   Listen in while Carol asks and answers the most common questions she hears about EFT and make your practice more effective.

Dinner with the Tapping Solution Summit Group in NYC

Carol Look Tapping Products for Clarity, Procrastination & Performance Improvement

There is a wide variety of instantly accessible products available in her shop.  You'll find them VERY afforable, many under $100 with mulitiple payment plan offers as well as bonuses.  Some even offer a sliding payment scale for as little as $27.  Go there to browse through the Carol Look Online Store or click on these individual links. 

Clarity in Action Coaching Series to Get You Unstuck

From Overwhelm to Clarity Course:  Become Calm & Confident 

High Chi: Harness Your Life Force Energy for Health, Wealth and Happiness - 7 Module Coaching Program with Bonuses! / Digital Download

Eliminate Procrastination: Tapping Your Way From Sabotage to Success - 8 hrs of Guided Coaching &T ools / Digital Download

Clearing Clutter From the Inside Out - 7 Module Coaching Program / Digital Download

Clear Cravings with EFT Audio MP3s 

Afraid to Lose Weight MP3s 

Release the Stress, Release the Weight

Improve Your Eyesight with EFT eBook with MP3