When you Ask Generative Questions, it Allows Space to Open Up That Lets You Co-Create a Future With Greater Outcomes

What if whenever we ask generative questions, we are opening the door to allow space for new possibilities to occur on an energetic level that taps into the quantum field of consciousness and can bring greater outcomes for your life?

There are other dimensional fields that also exist and are present here within our quantum field of consciousness. And one way that we can access these dimensional fields is by raising the frequency of our words, thoughts and emotions to match that higher dimensional field that is always available to us.

These fields of energy and consciousness cannot be seen, but they coexist and overlap - they are not separate. It may be helpful to visualize them as spheres or clouds of consciousness that are contained one within the other.

When you start by asking a generative "What if.. I wonder... What would it take?" question, you empower yourself to become more attuned to that higher frequency and that choice opens up an awareness and a space of expanded possibilities on the higher dimensional spectrum of consciousness.

Because in any given moment, when you ask a question without any point of view attached or judgement/conclusion from a fixed point of view like this is “good” or “bad”, you are creating space and energetically shifting the molecules that rearrange in every new moment creating what will show up next in your reality... be it today, tomorrow, a week or a year from now.

"What if the universe has a plan for me much bigger than I can see?"

"What would it take to receive endless possibilities for prosperity?"

"I wonder what new things can open up for me if I ask more questions?"

With every “What if…” or “I wonder… “What would it take…” type of question, you’re asking the higher fields of consciousness to show you something different, something more and beyond what your mind's limitations are telling you is actually possible.

We are programmed to think we can control and "figure out" situations believing that's how it's going to go our way, but it doesn't usually work out that well, have you noticed?

Your current level of consciousness and vibrational frequency is what determines the physical outcomes because that's what is being communicated through the universal language of energy.  What you want is to BE the energy of curiosity and wonder so it can show you even greater things beyond how you thought they could show up.

The vibrational interaction of our thoughts, emotions, words, and beliefs is what activates the molecules of energy in the quantum field that create our physical reality in every moment and we have the ability to consciously work WITH this fundamental force.

When faced with a specific situation you would like to change, it’s best to acknowledge the current situation as it is and then ask questions from the space of neutrality. Don't align or agree, resist and react, or judge it and get emotionally caught up. Instead… be in the question and be in allowance and non-judgement of what is showing up and ask a generative question that creates a neutral space allowing it to shift and change toward a more favorable outcome.

In the moment you can say, “Ok, now what’s next?”, “Ok, now what’s possible?”, “Ok, what would it take for something better to show up?” to keep you out of conclusion.

Just the simple fact that you're not settling and concluding that "it is what it is" and you're willing to ask the universe/higher consciousness for something different can set new things into motion to support you and the unseen energy molecules can reconfigure in an instant - it's the basic principle of quantum physics.

It’s a powerful tool to play with in your life, but also be mindful not to go into it with specific expectations like “fixing a problem” because that is just a judgment that will cut off your awareness and keep you stuck.

This practice is fun and it's not difficult, but it takes persistence and a commitment to your desire to improve your life as you get into the habit of asking  questions and becoming more aware.

As you are getting into this new habit, you may struggle to find the words and often can’t think of what to ask or ask questions in such a way that it isn’t expansive and doesn’t come from a lightness, but there is a vital, easy to download tool that can help you!

The Ask Generative Questions Series

The Ask Generative Questions Series is a collection of both written and audio products featuring questions specifically grouped together and centered around themed topics. 

You'll have the exact specially-crafted words to use and the step by step recommendations for how to best use them and all done-for-you.

I'm sure right now you can think of something that you'd like to have more of in your life or something that you'd like to influence towards a more favorable outcome to show up.  Areas of success in business, receiving more money, finding new love, creating a better relationship or better health, having more joy and happiness in your life or creating a better future.

These products go deeper and focus on targeting these specific areas by providing you with a minimum of 40 pre-written, specially-crafted generative questions.  The PDF gives you the written transcript so you can read them if that's your preferred learning style. It's also a convenient way to have the questions available for you to record in your own voice if you choose.

However, each PDF already includes an accompanying MP3 of an audio recording of those questions and includes pauses in between each to give you time to experience it and to become aware of any new thoughts.   They are also conveniently looped so that the 40+ questions are repeated and looped 5x for uninterrupted listening and learning.  They are approximately 20-min in length and are easily downloadable to play on your mobile device for daily listening.

You'll find that the more you listen, the more these questions just naturally come to mind in every day situations.

They'll become a part of your new pattern of thinking and before you know it, you'll just be hearing them in your head and saying them out loud automatically and maybe even coming up with your own. 

You'll begin noticing more and more favorable outcomes will start showing up for you today, tomorrow, a week, a month or a year from now because now you're actively co-creating life with the universe.

What if listening to these audio loops could truly change your reality?


  • Creating a Joyful Business 
  • Receiving More Money With Ease 
  • Creating a More Joyful Body
  • Creating Your Future
  • Finding Love & Creating Relationships
  • Creating More Joyful Living 
  • Creating Change With Ease 
  • Having More Gratitude
  • Making Clear Choices

Just $17 each or Pick Any set of 3 for $45

Important Note: The Generative Questions Audio Series was inspired by Access Consciousness® and does not directly use the tools of Access Consciousness® created by Gary Douglas nor does it include The Clearing Statement™.