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Access Consciousness Questions

How To Ask Generative Questions So You Can Change Any Situation and Create Your Life By Design

access consciousness questions

Do you realize that in each moment you have the opportunity to work for or against yourself depending on how you judge a given situation and the conclusions you make?

What I'm talking about is getting in the habit of using questions as a tool to consciously design the type of outcome you really want...

What if every day you used asking generative questions as a tool for opening up a space of non-judgement and wonderment to co-create your life with the universe and ask for different outcomes to show up beyond what you've decided is possible.

Situations in life are not as solid
as they appear. Everything is changeable.

The more you stay out of conclusion and in the "what if?", "what would it take?" zone and without trying to "figure out" the answers, the more ease you can have in your life.

It actually let's the universe deliver things that you never would have even thought of on your own.

I've compiled over 500 Access Consciousness Questions over the last year by listening to hundreds of hours of interviews, special recordings, and attending multiple live Access classes with Dain Heer, Rikka Zimmerman, Gary Douglas and more.

If you've done a lot of Access Consciousness processing, you know the profound impact that both asking questions and using the Access Clearing Statement © has on transforming and expanding consciousness. And if you haven't yet, click here to learn more.

Asking Access Consciousness questions is the foundation and is the primary tool

Though I've heard from so many friends how they struggle to find the words and often can't think of what to ask.  Just know that there aren't any right or wrong questions, but there are definitely some that are more potent than others that will open up new doors and create space for a different outcome to occur.

I actually have a daily practice that uses specific questions to generate and create new possibilities in each new day.  I listen to a quick 5 min recording of open-ended questions as I wake up every morning. 

You'll find that the more you listen, the more these questions will just naturally come to mind and you'll find yourself asking them without even thinking about it and then a new space of non-judgment and wonderment will open up for you and you'll begin to co-create your life with the universe.

I am the light, the light I am.

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