Learn to ask these 20 surprisingly simple & empowering questions so you can start co-creating A Better future Today

The empowering questions you'll learn and hear on this audio MP3 loop will assist you in consciously transforming any situation by energetically opening up space and allowing new possibilities for something even greater to show up in your life.

Whether you know it or not, you've been trained to believe to expect only outcomes that you have experienced in your past rather than inviting in a new possibility. 

We are all so programmed to try to "figure out" situations thinking that we actually have control of what shows up, but it doesn't usually work out that well - have you noticed?

With every “What if…” or “I wonder… “What would it take…” type of question, you’re asking the infinite universe to show you something different, something more and beyond what your cognitive mind is telling you is actually possible.

Do you realize that in each moment your beliefs, points of view, conclusions, and judgments are unconsciously creating fixed outcomes for your life?

Once you get that the energy of your own judgement of any situation as "good or bad" is actually a limitation, then using the simple tool of asking generative questions is like asking the universe to co-create your future with you and opens up the space for something even greater to show up!

  • "I wonder how much more fun can I have creating my future?"
  • "How can this turn out better than I could have imagined or planned?"
  • "What can I add to my life today that would expand my life in many ways?"
  • "What would it take for me to allow the universe to truly work for me?"
  • "What would it take for me to ask more empowering questions with ease?"

What if you could easily get into the habit of using empowering questions as a tool to co-create a future with unlimited possibilities?


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