Asking Empowering Questions Can Influence More Favorable Outcomes In Your Life  

The empowering questions you'll learn here will give you a simple tool to use as you practice tapping into the higher dimensional field of universal consciousness so you can manifest greater outcomes in your life.

What if in the quantum field of consciousness, the frequency at which your words, thoughts and emotions are vibrating is what dictates and determines the outcomes in your physical reality?

What if the simple tool of asking empowering questions could open up the energy field that expands the possibilities of those outcomes? 

What if every time you chose to ask a question, you would be anchoring in higher frequencies and bridging the gap between possibilities and reality?

That's exactly what can happen when you start to ask generative questions that begin with:  “What if…” or “I wonder… or “What would it take…” 

Once you get that your own conclusion and judgement of any situation as "good or bad" is actually an energetic limitation that stops the flow of new possibilities, then using the simple tool of Asking Generative Questions is like asking the universe to co-create your life with you and it can open up the space for something even greater to show up BEYOND what you have imagined!

The more you stay out of conclusions and judgements of what is and is not presently showing up in your life, the more you'll be holding that space open and you can begin to anchor in these higher frequencies more and more over time and experience greater outcomes.