Playing with this fast and fun "magic wand" technique can have you feeling like a wizard

If you think the idea of asking generative questions is too simple...
Read this story now!

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Imagine you've finally planned that two week dream second honeymoon vacation to Hawaii that you always wanted.  But...

After flying across country for 7 hours with a 3 hour layover in Los Angeles, when you arrive at your resort hotel, go see the clerk about your reservation, he says, "I'm sorry, I don't see a reservation here for you tonight.  We actually have you booked as arriving tomorrow." 

"Are you sure?", you ask with a bubbling panic in your voice, "There must be a mistake, we booked this weeks ago and we've just traveled for over 10 hours to get here!"

The clerk says, "I'm sorry but I've double-checked under your name and you're clearly listed as arriving tomorrow and I'm afraid we don't have a single room available for tonight."

Now if this were you, you may likely judge this scenario as bad or hopeless and decide that you are screwed.  You could choose to get upset and angry, or you may feel regret and anxiety and blame yourself or your partner about the error.

But the real question here is...

How is this situation going to play out?

This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine on a recent trip after she learned this tool.  And before I tell you what remarkable turn of events happened next, consider this...

Making pre-determined conclusions and judgments about situations limits the possible outcomes.

What if whenever we asked generative questions, we actually begin opening our awareness up to allow for a new possibility to occur? 

Otherwise, we just get stuck believing that whatever situation that does show up is finite and "just the way it is."

Every time you ask a question, what you're doing is opening up space energetically for the universe to rearrange things differently beyond your current expectations.

Just the simple fact that you're willing to ask and be open to the universe showing you something differently can set new things into motion to support you.

When you're NOT asking questions, you are locking yourself into conclusion about something that you've made a judgement about.  And with each conclusion, you've just cut off your awareness and closed the door to creating something EVEN GREATER showing up.

Do you see how limiting that is?  Do you realize it doesn't have to be that way?

Well luckily, my friend knew about asking generative questions and chose to use this tool at the front desk that day when she said,  "Oh really? well, I wonder what else is possible?"

Doesn't that make you feel lighter just by hearing that question?

Do you see how she didn't align or agree that this was "bad or sad", or resist and react and get angry and start placing blame?  She just stayed neutral and acknowledged the current situation and asked a simple question not knowing or trying to "figure out" what was going to happen next.

We are all so programmed to try to CONTROL every situation thinking that's how it's going to go our way, but it doesn't usually work out that well... have you noticed?

What if asking generative questions was simple and you could train yourself to do it easily?

So when my friend asked the question, "What else is possible?" the clerk got a puzzled look on his face and paused silently as if he didn't know what to say or why she was even asking when he just told her the situation...but then...for some reason...he kept typing things into his computer, so she just waited quietly and patiently with a gentle smile on her face.

After a few minutes the clerk announced, "Well... I don't know where this came from, it wasn't there a minute ago, but... I've just found an open room that I can give you just for tonight."

Her mouth dropped open with disbelief and she replied, "That's terrific! Thank you... How does it get any better than that?"

Not at all expecting what he was going to say next...

Then he said, "It's funny you ask that because the room that's available is actually a top floor suite that we reserve just for newlyweds, but it looks like it's not currently booked and I'll be able to let you have it for tonight for the same rate and with our apologies for the booking error."

This is an example of how questions can act as a magic wand of sorts.

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It's a powerful tool to play with in your life, but also be mindful not to go into it with specific expectations.  It's best to come from a place of neutrality and trust.

In this story, my friend chose to open herself up to trust the universe to deliver a new result while keeping a positive attitude and a neutral expectation of what would happen next.  And can you feel the difference in the energy if she actually said, "It just doesn't get any better than that."  That feels flat, and it stops the energy from moving and cuts off new possibilities.

Everything in our world has a frequency vibration and our circumstances are not fixed.

The vibrational interaction of our thoughts, emotions, words, and beliefs is what activates the molecules that create our physical reality in every moment and we have the ability to consciously work with this fundamental force.

We've all been trained to function from only believing in the expected outcomes that we've decided are possible based on our past experience and our limited, low-vibrating, fixed points of view and also those of others.

But...when we can create our world with a child-like wonder, asking "what if...", "I wonder...", "what would it take...?" verses creating a one-choice reality that can be frustrating and stressful... you can navigate everyday situations with more ease.

Be honest, does this sound this where you usually operate from? 

If you said, yes, then you're not alone - at all.  I've created an easy to use, ready-made tool that can help train you to get out of that mindset in any situation.