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The Value Of
Inspirational Quotes

inspirational quotes

Words are so powerful.

When we read inspirational quotes from others, it can feel as if we are being lit up from the inside.

It seems easy to find the wisdom in their words because they are so universally true to us all.

We have the opportunity to use these quotes to lift us up and learn the most important lessons about life and how to live it.

Ways To Use Famous Quotes

The idea is to always focus on repetition so that the lessons you learn become a part of you. Here are some ways that I use my favorite quotes.

  1. I set up my computer's screen saver marquee so the quote scrolls across when it's resting
  2. I print out my favorites and post them near my desk
  3. I create PowerPoint slide shows with pictures and insert the quotes on the pages
  4. I write them out on post-it notes and place them randomly around the house
  5. Many people tag their email signatures with famous quotes and share them with others

I've found these famous quotes to be very transformational and a very big contribution to my personal development growth.

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