Understanding the Universal
Law of Attraction

Learn how the law of attraction is always at work in your life and how to work with it 

The Law of Attraction is there responding to your thoughts and emotional vibrations, without judgment, but always in perfect match to them. It's a law of energy.

Your thinking, and more specifically your feeling sets in motion everything in your body and all of your experiences. Once you realize this is a reality and you take responsibility for your inner self, you'll be able to learn how to use them to consciously create more of the things you desire to experience.

However, what's typically happening is that your thoughts and emotional reactions to things are running on default based on your past life experiences and learned behaviors.   It takes your conscious awareness and observation of a given situation first, then you can take a new action to shift things.  There are many tools, techniques and people available to guide you. But before I get to that...let me give a definition of Law Of Attraction.

Definition Of Law Of Attraction

The history of this law is ancient and goes back to the beginning of humanity. As much as it may look to some in our 21st century world to be a marketing or personal development tool, it isn't.

The Law of Attraction is real and quantum physics tells us that everything is energy.

The basic definition of LOA states that energy attracts to itself other energy with which it's in vibrational resonance, not just a simple "like attracts like" definition.

Both the nonphysical and physical aspects of our Universe are made up of energy and intelligence that vibrates. Nothing rests. The difference between the physical and the nonphysical is the rate of vibration.

This law is responsible for the difference between what we can see with our naked eyes, like our hands, for example, and that which we cannot see but is there, like a radio wave.

Have you ever noticed how many things come in waves? A wave of water in the ocean, a wave of light from the sun, a wave of air in the wind, a wave of sound from thunder, a wave of heat in your oven, a wave of emotion that comes over you. All energy travels in waves (or vibrations, or frequencies) and it can never be created or destroyed - it just changes forms.

Your beliefs are energy too and they create your thoughts which are energy as well. And the brain is the most powerful electromagnetic processing tool ever created.

Once processed, your beliefs and thoughts create an e-motion (energy in motion). Your emotions are where your true power lies and the true guiding force that tells you whether what you are believing feels light or feels heavy.

I, like millions of others, was inspired to learn more about the Law of Attraction after watching The Secret DVD.

I think the movie did a good job of introducing it for awareness purposes, but over-emphasized the quest for getting "things" and made it appear that it was "the answer" and did not offer a more complete view of the steps needed to use it practically and the truly

You can't expect your mind to hear this potentially life-altering information and then throw away the years of beliefs that you've developed about yourself and your world and then say,

"Okay great, now I know I can create lots of money, find a great mate and have a fit body. So, I'll just keep thinking positive thoughts
and it will come."

And then when it doesn't show up, and your life isn't changing in magical ways, you get frustrated and disappointed or maybe blame yourself for not doing it right and denounce LoA as a gimmick or a hoax.

What is truly missing from what many law of attraction "gurus" have been telling us is... you have to address the fact that you have built up a lifetime of resistance and subconscious limiting beliefs on an energetic, vibrational level that must be cleared before you can be in alignment to attract what you desire.


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