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Everything Produces In Kind

Written by David Cameron Gikandi

Today we would like to notice a very simple, universal yet hardly noticed principle of life. Noticing this will dramatically improve your life in all areas and situations -relationships, health, career, business, politics, sports -all areas of your life. Sometimes the simplest of things are the most powerful yet least understood. Let us look at one such simplicity. Here it is:

Everything produces in kind.

An orange seed produces orange trees, which produce oranges.This you can count on.

A frog gives birth to frogs. This you can count on.

Water evaporates into steam. This you can count on.

So what can you not count on? The impossible. You cannot count on the impossible. The impossible is this:

You cannot count on an orange seed growing into a banana plant, for that is impossible.

You cannot count on a frog giving birth to a gorilla, for that is impossible.

You cannot count on water evaporating into steel, for that is impossible.

In other words, everything produces in kind, and trying to go against this is impossible and at best a pure waste of energy resulting in pain and no result. Try it if you don't believe it.

Here is a bigger insight into this: Everything gives rise to that which is like it, only in a different form. So the orange seed, tree and fruit are one and the same thing, only appearing in different form. The frog, egg and tadpole are one and the same thing, only appearing in different form. The water, steam, clouds, ocean, and ice are one and the same thing, only appearing in different form. Now to expand: If you did not know what a frog was or a tadpole and saw them both at the same time, you would think they are two different creatures completely! If you have never seen water or ice and saw them both at the same time, you would think they are two different materials!

Ok, fair enough. It is easy to see how this is so with the physical world around you, but what does that have to do with your life and life affairs?

Simple. Everything gives rise to that which is like it, only in a different form. Sometimes, if you are not aware of the big picture, your mind may get tricked into thinking there is no relationship between things that are obviously related. And this is what happens all the time. It is the norm rather than the exception. Watch.

We all know that our lives arise out of our thoughts. You are reading this now because, by a chain of choices you have previously made, including the choice to read to this point, you have thought of reading such material before. In other words, if it was not in your mental interest or field of attention, you would never have read this article you are reading now. Sometimes in your life you have seen a clear connection between your thoughts and the world arising around you. at most other times you have not seen this connection and thought even that you were a victim of circumstances. Now is the time to see that, truly, everything gives rise to its own kind. And this is how you do that:

Your thoughts give rise to like thoughts, words and actions. If you think a thought A, it will and must, under all circumstances, result in an experience in your world that is exactly like thought A, only appearing in different form. In practice, this means that you worry about things because you worry about things. It means that the very act of worrying, which by definition is the consistent and excessive thinking of the worst case scenario, is that which gives rise to conditions that make you worry even more.

Again, every thought you have gives rise to experiences and results of its own kind. This is sealed and unbreakable. To simplify, w happy thought results in happy conditions and experiences, and a destructive thought results in its own kind, and these can never be interchanged.

To simplify even further, worry results in conditions to worry about, and anxiety results in conditions to be anxious about. That is how your world arises out of yourself.

Now, we need your attention here for the next statements. So please pay full attention now. There is no point to worrying about anything. You worry because you think that worrying is doing something about it and hence by worrying you believe that you will help prevent disaster. You worry because you believe it works for you. And when the events you were worried about finally come about, you feel justified, that you were correct in worrying about them because, look, here they are now! The truth is, the worrisome conditions came because you worried about them. Everything gives rise to its own kind. You worry, and sooner or later you are faced with the circumstances you worried about, or something similar in context and essence but different in form and appearance.

Worry, or any negative thought, will under all circumstances give rise to negative external outcomes. Never, under any circumstances, will it give rise to positive outcomes because by definition worry is the envisioning of the worst case scenario. Remember, the connections between the causingthought and the resultant effect may not be obvious to you, but be assured that even if separated by space, form and time, a thought always gives rise to a matching result.

It is interesting to note that Jesus is quoted in the New Testament as having said "be anxious over nothing". Worry is useless, because at best it can only disrupt the desired positive outcome, and at worst bring about a negative outcome. There is not a single instance where worry can work positively. So why bother do it any more?

Now let us look at the grand daddy of this universal law that guarantees that everything produces of its own kind. Where is it most clearly given to us? In just about all the worlds major religions, no matter where they come from or how they started, they say one thing: you were created in the image and likeness of the Original Creator. The Creator, by extension of Itself, creates that which is like It in essence, though not necessarily in form. Form changes all the time, but essence is eternal. The only reason you do not experience yourself with the magnificence you would imaging the Creator possessing is because (and again this law comes in) you have put forth and held a thought that your not that which you are, and hence you experience that as well. And that is why all spiritual streams emphasize on going within, waking up, remembering, recognizing your unity with Oneness. And this is how deep this law goes, that like produces in kind. Whatever thought you hold in mind, whatever belief, you will experience it in your reality, even when it is contrary to truth, in which case you would be experiencing illusion, but you will, under all circumstances, experience that which is like the thought held.

Where else have you seen this law talked about? You have seen it in more places than you may remember. Here are some examples: birds of a feather flock together, you reap what you sow, you shall know them by their fruits, karma, what goes around comes around, do unto your brother... You know the rest.

Now back to your life. Life can be dramatically simplified if you just always remember this simple law. You need not fight against anything, cause fighting against results in conflict, for resistance is born of conflict and thus births conflict. If you find there is something in your life you do not like, simply choose another. If you don't like having little money, simply stop worrying about money, stop thinking of situations where you may lack money, stop speaking and thinking from the position of poverty. A poor thought gives rise to poverty, a rich thought gives rise to wealth. It is very simple. And this applies to all areas of life, even in relationships and health.

Let us look at what works and what doesn't:

Flowing from a mental and emotional position of abundance results in wealth, but struggling and working hard from a mental and emotional position of lack results in tiredness and little wealth, no matter how long you do it for.

Flowing from a mental and emotional position of peace results in peace, but protesting and fighting against war from a mental and emotional position of conflict results in conflict and polarity, no matter how long you do it for. Don't believe this? Well, ask yourself this: If everyone in the world fought against a cause they believed to be worth fighting for, all 6 billion people each with a justifiable cause to fight against, what would happen? Now, what if all 6 billion people held peace in their mind, regardless of what everyone else does, what would happen then? Impractical, you say? You haven't tried it yet. I guarantee you that holding your own peace is the most effective way to peace. No matter how big this planet gets, it still comes down to what each person does, and hence the sovereignty and power of an individual is guaranteed high and capable. Every invention, revolution or leap started with one person, spreading to more. But that is another topic all together. For now, remember this simple law and live by it, and your life will simplify and multiply under a new clear direction. Remember, everything gives rise to its own kind, so direct your thoughts deliberately, and under all circumstances, be anxious over nothing.

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