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Building The New Economy

An Article By Joan Sotkin, Prosperity Coach

I recently googled " new economy " looking to see what trends those in the know are seeing. One thing is for sure, our economic future is not going to be a repetition of the near past. The economy will slowly recover, but along with the recovery will be both a shift in priorities and a lot of downsizing.

In an article in the Christian Science Monitor, 10 ways the new economy will look different, value, savings, frugality, second-hand goods, and green jobs stand out as key ideas.

In a CNN series of short articles under the heading How to profit in the new economy you find words such as downsizing, the rise of freelance nation, new regulations, and demise of the ‘ownership society.”

The whole mindset is changing as well, especially for Gen-Ys (16 to 19 year olds) who are our future. This group sees the importance of adopting changing the world as a primary value. They understand the need to work together for the common good, a shift from the rugged individualism that has caused some of our current societal ills.

There is no doubt that, for many, the approaching recovery will feel more like a healing crisis than a recovery. Those who resist change will suffer. Those who display resilience and the ability to adapt to new ways of thinking and behaving will flourish.

What are you going to do?

Are you going to hold on to the old dreams of acquiring more and more stuff, or will your focus change to becoming part of a evolving society? Will you cling stubbornly to the past or let go and think and behave in more sustainable ways?

Cling to the old and you will most likely experience a lot of fear and disappointment. Look to an expanding future and you can prosper.

Key, for me, is the idea of working together for the common good. In June, I wrote a piece called Putting the WE Back in Wealthy, because signs all point to the need for us to connect and work together. Hopefully, competition will be replaced by cooperation.

We need to dialog about this and encourage each other to share ideas that are coming to us, often intuitively. During a recent teleclass of mine, called Finding Inner Peace & Prosperity In the Midst of the Chaos. we opened this dialog and I shared techniques for coping with the current upheaval and lots more.

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