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Written by David Cameron Gikandi

Prosperity, wealth, is something that almost everyone in the world seeks, yet find it hard to attain for some 'strange' reason. Money issues is what we do much of the time, yet it is not taught in schools. When we are busy doing marketing, web design, or any sort of work, job or business, we are simply working on issues related to wealth and prosperity in various forms. Here, then, very quickly and directly stated and explained, are the steps you shall take to have guaranteed prosperity for the rest of your life:

Step 1

The first step in creating wealth is building Wealth Consciousness within yourself. Prosperity is an inside feeling that becomes expressed on the outside as material wealth and success. Any wealthy person will tell you that. When you are in the presence of a truly and highly successful and prosperous person, you can feel their calm and confident presence, a knowing that surrounds them. This is what you should first build within yourself. And you can do it right now. Anyone can. Without wealth consciousness, building wealth becomes very difficult, elusive and erratic. This not a threat, it is a reality. Wealth starts within and is evidenced outside. Your mind may tell you "I want money now, so I want to act now, forget the wealth consciousness bit. I don't have the time or patience for that. Just show me how to make money and I will". That is what most people say, and they end up working hard all their lives with little change happening in tens of years. Life becomes a dull repeating event. You must build wealth consciousness if you wish to start creating an exciting and glorious life and stop living a survivor's hard life. There is no other way. Even people who win lotteries hardly keep their newly found wealth. Most lottery winners destroy their new wealth within a year! Why? Because without wealth consciousness, wealth hardly hangs around.

Step 2

Once you build Wealth Consciousness in yourself, you then create wealth using the following strategies:

1. Create multiplied independent assets and efforts: Multiply your efforts and income by having multiple assets that work for you 24 hours a day without needing your further involvement. You can achieve this right now, no matter where you are.

2. Investment and growth: Take advantage of compound interest. Even one dollar can grow to a billion dollars at a certain interest rate and amount of time. You can never have too little to start with. You shall also see how here.

You should combine both of these two strategies. Have multiple streams of income and investments that grow well on the long term.

Today, your financial life may be summarized as follows: all or most of your income from your job goes to your expenses and debts. That will never create wealth and financial freedom.

Within a few months, you can change it to look like that of a wealthy person, which is: your income goes to build assets and investments. These investments and assets grow that income into something bigger than it was. In this way, your money works for you. The extra cash is then used to pay for your expenses and build more income streams. So, you never work for expenses and liabilities, for that will never release you. Instead you work for assets. Then the assets work for your expenses, leaving you free to do as you wish and to create more assets and income streams.

Multiple Sources of Income

A very important and fundamental key to wealth is multiple sources of income. Build multiple sources of income for your life. Multiple sources of income are your key to financial freedom. They are a manifestation of your dynamic, free and multidimensional nature.

More accurately, make sure that each income stream is a business and not a job. A job is something that requires you to be there for it so that it can make money for you. A business is something that once set up, does not need you to be there to keep going or growing. A job needs you, a business does not - that is the difference. Some businesses are actually jobs. You may own a business that is a job for you. It needs you to tend to it; without your constant attention, it falls. Jobs take your time and freedom; businesses give you time and freedom. A person with multiple streams of income from multiple businesses ends up with free time that he or she can use to live well and to launch more businesses if need be. Jobs never allow such liberties of free time to diversify and be free to enjoy other aspects of life.

So, have multiple sources of income, but ensure each source is independent of you and has been built to do well without your constant attention. If your multiple streams of income are jobs and not businesses, they will literally drain your life, take away your freedom, and kill you slowly. Choose well. Love your work, but set it up so that you can be free to choose when and where to work, or to take time off for other aspects of life.

Remember, have multiple steams of income that do not need you to be present for them to keep producing. To have multiple sources of income, simply desire it to be so, make it part of your goals, visualize and start buying books, magazines and talking to people about it. The right businesses, investments and sources will then simply start coming to you. And always keep wise counsel. For everything, have a person who is of wealth consciousness and of specialization in that area to advise and counsel you. Learn also to trust your feelings but not your emotions. Follow your desires, but maintain detachment. The fruits lie within the reaching into the unknown, not only in attaining the goal. The reaching is the key, the thrill and the growth. The attaining of the goal is icing on the cake. It is easy.

Investment and Growth

A major key to building wealth is in making your money work for you, instead of you working for your money. If you work for five days in a week and spend all your income without investing any of it, you will have forever lost those five days of work. Forever. Wealthy people take a portion of the income from each day and put it into investments that grow on their own, automatically and without any further work, over a long-term period. That way, a portion of each day that you work for money ends up working back for you for many years to come. That is a major key to wealth, getting a percentage of your income every day to work back for you without your intervention.

You do this by taking at least 10% of your daily income before taxes and bills, and putting that into a long-term investment for a minimum of about three years.

Good investments include stocks, mutual funds, certain types of bank accounts that have high and above-inflation interest rates, real estate investment vehicles, bonds, royalty-producing assets, self-maintaining businesses, and so on. These investments do not require you to work for your money. You simply invest, walk away, and your money grows all on its own.

Even one dollar can turn into a million dollars in a certain amount of years at a certain compound interest rate. One dollar, just one dollar, can grow into a million dollars all on its own without your intervention. You would be pleasantly surprised to know that a single dollar placed into an investment that grows at 20% a year will become $1 million in 75 years. That is just one dollar! All you would need to do is leave it alone, go away, go to sleep for 75 years, just leave it alone. When you return it will be $1 million without any effort from you, other than your placing that single dollar at the beginning!

Now, if instead you put in a dollar every single day into the same 20% a year growth investment, you would end up with $1 million in 32 years instead of 75. In fact, a dollar a day would become $1 billion in 66 years at a 20% a year growth rate. A higher interest rate would dramatically shorten that time.

This shows you that you can never have too little to start with. Whatever your income today, force yourself into the habit of investing 10% of your income before you pay bills or taxes or anything else. Pay yourself first - it is your money and your life. And it gets even better. The 1990s was an era where stocks rose phenomenally. In the 1990s decade, over 200 stocks rose by 1000%, some by up to 20,000%. Many fell again in 2001 but on the long-term, all good companies always rebound to even higher heights. People in the 90s invested various amounts and found themselves wealthier for that. Some invested just $50 a week, and if that was their 10%, that was good enough. It grew. Others invested more. $10,000 invested just once at the beginning of 1990 in certain stocks turned out to be valued at around $5 million by the end of the 90s. Others turned a few million dollars into well over one billion in the same period. All this wealth growth happened without any extra effort except putting money away into the investment.

These people were not doing anything secret - they were investing in publicly available investments. They were investing in well-selected shares in the stock market - and anyone can do this. You can do it as well starting now. Just remember, choose your investments well, invest consistently, and put 10% aside from every single paycheck or income. Consistency is the key. Compound interest will always work for you without asking anything from you. Your only part is to be consistent, to choose good investments, and to stay put on the long term. Short-term investing usually does not earn as much as long-term investing and it is usually a lot riskier.

As you can see, there isn't much to it. It is all in the inside job and the outside execution. You can do both of these starting today. No one is in a position whereby they are unable to do anything. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have, because it all starts within you and nothing outside you can stop you. As Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right."

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