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Written by David Cameron Gikandi

The ease and speed at which you get from point A to B depends on the distance between point A and B. So, what is the distance between you and success in whatever field you choose? What is the distance between you and success in your marketing, financial, relationship, happiness or health matters? It does not matter what you are looking to succeed at - the principle here is the same.

Success Distance is measured by three components: Body, Mind, and Soul or in other words physical distance, intellectual knowledge and emotional bearing. Let us examine each one.

Body, or physical distance, is simply the physical distance in miles between you and your marketplace, your target health point, or your relationship partner. Physical distance is the easiest distance component to understand, so we shall not spend too much time on it. It is all about location. Like they say in real estate, it is all about location, location, and location. Where are you physically in relation to your marketplace, target health point, or your relationship partner? Are you easy or hard to get in touch with? Do you network with people in similar situations so you can help each other out? Do you live near your most attractive marketplaces, target health point, or your relationship partner? If you do business online, can people find you easily through links from other web sites, search engines, articles and so on? Is it easy to order from you, help you, and be with you? Always keep improving and shortening your physical distance.

Mind or intellectual knowledge is next. It is even more powerful than physical distance. The only thing more powerful than it is Soul or emotional distance. To put it simply, you are paid for the knowledge that you posses and express. A doctor is paid for medical knowledge, but only when she uses it to heal, when she expresses it. So is a plumber, and so on. So it is very obvious that to get more success in any area of life, you must improve your knowledge of that area of life. In that way, you are shortening the distance between you and that area, by coming to know it for what it really is instead of what you think it is. It is the errors in your thinking that cause 'failure'. Failure is merely a gentle prodding telling you that you need to fix an error in thought. So read. Ask. In fact, learn to ask your Higher Self questions. Ask and you shall always receive. Just formulate your question and consciously ask your Higher Self this question. There is no particular way of doing it - your Self is always listening and knows when your attention is directed to it. It is only you who have been ignoring it because of too much worry and mental noise. Ask. Then drop your worries and be observant! In the very next moment, or day, or person, or movie, or magazine, or book you see on the bookshelf, your answer will have been brought to you. Trust me, ask your Higher Self a question and within minutes or hours or perhaps a day or so, if you are aware and observant, you will be led to exactly the right place to find your answer. The answer may not be the one you expect, but it will be the one that will lead you to success, even if at first you may not see how.

Finally, but most importantly, is your Soul, or emotional distance. Simply put, you are an energy system. You are not a chunk of flesh, you are energy. If you were to magnify yourself, you would find that you are made of cells, which are in turn made up of molecules of various substances. These are in turn made up of atoms. And atoms are composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons. And these are energy packets. An electron is an energy packet. Yes, you are one big ball of energy. And so is everything else. And here is what you are here to do: to experience energy in motion, to experience e-motion, emotions. At every moment, even if you are not aware of it, you are feeling a certain emotion. And whatever emotion that is, it resonates and attracts similar energy systems around you. So when you are happy, you attract happy conditions. Your inner state creates your outside experience. Therefore, the most important thing is this: how do you FEEL Now? Always, all ways, it matters most how you feel now, because that is what creates your experiences. To succeed, you must bridge the emotional distance between you and the thing you wish to succeed in. to succeed in finances, you must heal all feelings of negativity towards money, low self-esteem, poor self worth, victim mentality, certain fears, and so on. These feelings push you away from money, no matter how hard you work. Effort begets the results of effort, nothing more or less. And the result of effort, if you haven't noticed, is much strain. Look, if hard work was all you needed to succeed, half this planet would be rich. How obvious is that! People work like dogs nowadays! Anyway, let us move on. To succeed in your relationships, you must be love itself, yourself. Unconditional love. All other feelings of fear and so on increase the distance between you and your success. And to succeed in health, again you shorten the distance by increasing your self-love, self-esteem, and dropping worry and fear. By the way, when I say 'drop fear' I do not mean that you resist it. No. in fact, what you resist persists and grows stronger. I mean that you face it, embrace it, look at it directly, find its original cause in your life, forgive all of it, and you will see that it was just a cloud of smoke, it was nothing really.

Well, there you go. You are now armed with some very easy to follow, logical processes that will get you where you wish to be. Well, it is a start, but you must follow through yourself - no one can do it for you. People can only guide and help you but you must choose and act yourself. Don't let your old fears imprison you for ever. The pain of life-long mediocrity is greater than the pain of changing. Just do it!

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