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Watch Clips of The Secret On Oprah

Watching The Secret on Oprah was a milestone moment in my life which also sparked a phenomenon of seekers around the globe.

To Watch The First
20 Minutes Of "The Secret"


A few years ago I watched The Secret on Oprah's show and it was a day of instant clarity in my life. I can remember grinning from ear to ear at the thought of how this was going to change my life.

I tuned in and right away something in me said,

"YES! This makes so much sense."

A week later, a follow-up show was recorded. Then I heard about the thousands of other people who were all saying that they were instantly affected in their own lives by seeing Oprah's show on The Secret too.

But it didn't end there.

I had no idea that learning this information on that day would ultimately change the path of my life forever.

After watching the DVD online the next morning, I instantly began my search for more about how everything is energy and how this works and why.  I immersed myself in all the teachings and within two months, I taught myself how to create a website so I could share this message with other seekers.

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